Term Deposit Account

Our contract of deposit allows you to fix your interest rate for a set period of time. Longer periods of investment are rewarded with higher rates of interest. Your deposit account can be fixed for any period from 3 months to 5 years. Interest rates are fixed for the whole term at the time the deposit is made. You can rollover interest earned or, if investing for 12 months or more, receive payment at regular intervals, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. All this, while earning a superior rate of interest.

Our philosophy is to provide you with products that meet your particular needs. We can even provide deposit products to suit your individual preferences. If you are planning to make an investment in a property on a specific date, or need the money for any other reason, you can set the deposit to mature, just when you need it, and earn the best rate possible.

Indicative interest rates of deposits in Euro, US Dollars and Sterling are available on our website.

You can contact us using the contact form or call +356 2248 4513 during office hours.

Terms and conditions apply.

Documents to download:
  Application / Amendment Forms

Kindly also fill in the appropriate CRS Forms when applying for this account.

Please refer to Annex 6 of the General Terms and Conditions here.

Term Deposit Account



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